Over the past few days there has been amazing lake effect snow that fell over parts of western and upstate New York.Places all over the WNY and Upstate NY region have come in with totals in the feet.Some places off Lake Erie in southern Erie county and northern Chautauqua county have received nearly 2 feet in Colden,NY and Boston,NY.Places off lake Ontario have received 3 feet or more do to the prevailing westerly winds blowing strongly directly across  lake Ontario for several hours.Places over the Tug Hill Plateau such as Redfield,NY and Sandy Creek,NY have totals nearing 4 feet!Over the next few days lighter less persistent lake effect snow bands will cross the area.This lake effect snow could result in another 8-20 inches depending on the location and the velocity of the snow bands.By the time the lake effect snow machine finally shuts off sometime Sunday some areas in WNY could have about 4 feet of snow on the ground.Some spots in the upstate region of NY could have up to 6 feet of snow on the ground, especially over the Tug Hill Plateau where the elevation tends to greater their snow totals. After this event a brief warm up is expected across the region with temperatures approaching 45 degrees briefly on Tuesday.Late Tuesday night a sharp cold front is expected to cross the area brining a more January like return to winter with the possibilities for more lake effect snow.