Here is a new fall foliage map as of 9/13/08
Most of the Region has only 5-15 percent of leaf color change which is a patchy coverage however higher elevations in the Adirondack Mountains have about 30 percent leave color change resulting in widespread leaf color change.When about 60 percent  of  the leaves have changed that's when it will be classified as near peak. Peak being 75-100 and past peak being after all the leaves have changed color and have fallen to the ground.

Please stay tuned to the blog for more maps, updates and details and an outlook on what could be some early fall flurries for parts of the Great Lakes.


On the forum site under my name snowmaninbuffalo you can find my fall foliage maps there as well as on this weather blog. I will be posting new maps about 2 times a week so you at home can track where the leaves are changing colors meaning you can know the best time to go out and see the beautiful fall colors.