Throughout the WNY and Upstate NY region Lake Effect Snow has continued.Lake snow off Lake Erie has been generally on the light side, but off Lake Ontario there has been some heavier totals.Off Lake Erie, areas like Colden,NY and Boston,NY have received about a fluffy three to five fresh inches of snow.Off lake Ontario places like Barnes Corner,NY and Sandy Creek,NY have picked up about ten inches.A few isolated spots on the Tug Hill Plateau have received about 15-20 new inches of  fluffy snow.Lighter lake effect snow showers will continue throughout the night until morning.Westerly winds crossing directly across Lake Ontario earlier In the day were the result of this heavy lake snow.Now winds have become more northwesterly causing the lake snows to weaken.Northwesterly winds tend to brake the band of lake effect snow up to multiple bands.No doubt two to four inches of new snow is possible overnight.On Saturday there will be a general light snow as a low pressure system moves up from the Midwest and Ohio valley.Accumulation wont be heavy at all ,maybe one to three inches.After the low pressure system passes light winds from the southeast will create mostly sunny skies and no lake effect snow!(at least for a few days)

Location:Barnes Corners,NY

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