On the accuweather.com forum site under my name snowmaninbuffalo you can find my fall foliage maps there as well as on this weather blog. I will be posting new maps about 2 times a week so you at home can track where the leaves are changing colors meaning you can know the best time to go out and see the beautiful fall colors.


As we all know this has been a very cool August and fall foliage is beginning to appear in many areas of the Northeast. With sub 70 degree days now in the near future with nighttime temps dropping into the 40s I am now beginning to take phone numbers and e mail addresses for the 2008-2009 Lake Effect Snow Season.Please send me an e mail at jrmeteorologistinbuffalo@gmail.com or call me at (716)-603-2532 to report snow totals once the first lake effect snow flakes beging to fly.

Thank you to all!