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A chance for some limited lake enhanced rain/snow showers in the highest elevations on Tuesday night? Well earlier tonight I was ever so lucky to have a chance to speak with WIVB-TV Chief Meteorologist Don Paul. While he thinks that this cold outbreak will be a pretty good one for this late in the year he thinks that there is still the potential for some lake enhanced rain/snow showers. While the temperature differential of the lake surface and the 850mb temps will be slightly less then 13 degrees  which is sufficient to produce true lake effect snow , some convective showers/snow showers may form especially during the nighttime hours as we all loose the radiational heating from the sun. Don and I are both not sure of any snow totals yet , if any at all , but at this point its not looking very impressive at all. As trees leaves are blooming soem well on their way , we will have to watch this snow as whatever does fall will be of the heavy/wet variety. With the growing season well underway as well , plants and tender vegetation may also need to be brought indoors as temperatures do have the potential to drop into the sub-freezing range.Stay tuned for more updates and as always catch Chief Meteorologist Don Paul on WIVB-TV news on channel 4 and it's sister station WNLO for more updates and details coming up tonight at 10 and 11.