Once again there will be a storm system moving across the southern states right into our region. This will be a warmer storm with mostly rain when it starts on Sunday.After the storm passes a sharp cold front will pass WNY around 6 or 7 am on Monday morning with a heavy burst of snow, that could drop as much as 2-4 inches. As strong south west flow (240-250 degrees) sets up over Lake Erie  there is potential for some moderate lake effect snow.This wind direction would favor the Buffalo,NY metro area and the north towns such as Amherst,NY and Tonawanda,NY. Since Lake Erie is about 80 percent ice covered , the lake effect snow  wont be terribly heavy, but it does bear some watching.If the conditions are right there could possibly be 3-6 inches of lake effect snow. Still 3-6 inches of snow is not enough to fill up Buffalo,NY 2 foot snowfall deficit for this winter. With the cold and windy weather persisting through late next week on into next weekend , there is a chance Lake Erie may completely freeze over, meaning NO MORE lake effect snow (At least for now) off Lake Erie.Now , since Lake Ontario is sitting at 35 degrees Fahrenheit there is a greater potential for lake effect snow into areas in Jefferson and Lewis Counties. In places such as Watertown, Carthage, and Barnes Corners.Though a Southwest flow is not the best flow for major lake effect snow to develop off Lake Ontario , 6 inches or more is not out of the question. Six inches may sound like a lot , but to New Yorkers its just another day!


Once again the lake effect snow machines were cranking this past week off both Lake Erie and  Lake Ontario.Most of the heavy snow was off Lake Ontario, with up to 41 inches in Minetto,NY.Up to 6 Inches was reported off lake Erie, in Warsaw,NY.After the event was over there was a much bigger concern with a low pulling up through the Ohio Valley.This low caused places in Western New York to get up to 6 inches of snow and sleet.Places north of Lake Ontario saw anywhere from 6-12 inches of snow. With a much calmer few days ahead, it is just a matter of time before the next one comes early next week with a general snowfall and the potential for more lake effect snow!

Location:Barnes Corners,NY

Picture provided by www.northernchateau.com/