While talking to some folks on the WIVB-Weather blog many have suggested we make a comeback to the 4 degree guarantee. Don Paul (Chief Meteorologist of WIVB-TV in Buffalo,NY) suggested I put the new 4 degree guarantee on my blog. I gladly agreed to it.

Every day you all can make a prediction of what you think the high and low temperature for the next day will be at the only. For example today is January 12th 2009 so I will predict tomorrows (January 13th 2009) high and low temperature by clicking "comment" on my blog.You MUST be within 4 degree of the high temp AND the low temp to get a point for that day. The only place to predict the temps for is the BUF AIRPORT.

After the airport has reported their data we will see who won for the day (by who is closest to the high/low or right on).

Each person must leave their name or else their prediction will not be accounted for. Each blogger gets 1 vote per day.

Whoever has the most wins for each month may recieve a special prize.