A Little About Lake Effect Snow

All through out the Western New York area lake effect snow falls,from October to April.The Southern Tier region of WNY receives almost double the snow that the Buffalo Metro and points northward receive. Lake Effect Snow is bands of snow that are relatively narrow,but have very intense burst .Snow can fall at rates of a dusting to a couple inches of snow per hour.On average lake effect snow does not last very long because the wind direction changes a lot. Wind shear also tends to tear the bands apart.Lake Effect snow also depends on the fetch (how far across something.) Over the region called the Tug Hill Plateau in Upstate NY, snow can fall for days leaving snow totals in feet.Such as the lake effect snow storm in early February 2007,where Redfield,NY (in the Tug Hill plateau) picked up 141 inches.

Golden Snowball Award

A Little About The Golden Snowball Award

The Golden Snowball Award is an annual award presented to the Upstate New York city that receives the most snowfall in a season. The original award was the result of a friendly competition of National Weather Service offices in Upstate. After the Rochester and Syracuse offices closed in the mid-1990’s the competition died out.Buffalo,Rochester, Syracuse,Binghamton, and Albany all compete in this friendly competition.

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